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Read out can lung cancer be prevented?

Lung cancer is a type of cancer rising inside the lungs’ cells. These cells contribute to the formation of lung tissue. Still, because of lung cancer, lung cells show abnormal change, and the growth of these undesirable cells becomes uncontrollable. As the lungs are an essential part of our respiratory system, any lung damage increases complications in the breathing process.

Lung cancer is known as the major cause of cancer deaths in the whole world. This disease is not severe in the initial stage, but after a long duration, it becomes harmful to health and leads to ultimate death. Smoking and air pollution are major causes of lung-related diseases; these directly affect a person’s respiration system. Lung cancer can be treated before it becomes much more severe by taking a proper diet, eating a healthy lifestyle, taking medications, and quitting smoking. Significant symptoms of lung cancer are weight loss, chest pain, feeling tired, breathing problems, swelling in the neck, cough for a long time, appetite loss, and wheezing.

Majorly lung cancer is divided into small-cell lung cancer and non-small-cell lung cancer. In small cell lung cancer, the patient suffers from smoking habits for a significant duration, but in non-small cell lung cancer, all the types of lung cancer are included for several reasons. In this blog, we learn about how to prevent lung cancer or whether lung cancer can be prevented.

Causes of lung cancer:

Many factors are involved in the cause of mutation of cells in the lung tissues, like toxic substances and polluted environments, which lead to lung cancer. Significant factors contributing to the cause of lung cancer as listed as:

  • Smoking habit:

One of the common causes of lung cancer found in patients is smoking. Approximately 90% of lung cancers are due to excessive smoking. There are many types of smoking material used, but Tobacco smoke is the most harmful because it contains very toxic substances that cause toxicity in the cells of the lungs and further lead to lung cancer. Smoking is not only affecting the smoker but also affects the surrounding people and creates an unhealthy environment all around. Quitting smoking is the best solution for improving the health of the lungs.

  • Air pollution:

The modern era is a whole of industries, power plants, and factories, resulting in the exposure of toxic substances in the environment. All the pollutants present in the environment cause air pollution, which can be in the form of solid or liquid tiny particles. These pollutants go inside the lungs during the breathing process, which causes toxicity inside and further damages the cells of the lungs. This problem, due to air pollutants, is more likely to be found in urban areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara than in rural areas. In urban areas, people suffer more from lung cancer due to unhealthy air conditions around them. 

  • Genes:

There are many causes of lung cancer, but Genetic factors are also found to be the cause of developing lung cancer. A person’s family history can also be the reason for getting more risk of lung cancer.

Can lung cancer be prevented? 

Lung cancer can be prevented by making the right choices. The most important thing is to avoid smoking and unhealthy environment for smoker people. They are avoiding all the toxic chemical areas that harm health badly. Taking healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, staying active, and keeping home clean can help us to prevent lung cancer. These steps can keep our lungs healthy and help us to stay well throughout life.

How to prevent lung cancer:

Since the leading cause of lung cancer is sometimes not sure, the only preventative measures are used to focus on reducing the risk. Some ways to prevent the risks of lung cancer are listed:

  • By avoiding smoking:

Lung cancer is developing due to smoking worldwide. To avoid the damages from this, smoking should not be in the habit of a person, and the surrounding smokers also should be avoided. Avoiding all forms of Tobacco, like Tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, etc., reduces the risk of lung cancer. 

  • Proper diet: 

A healthy diet has a vital role in reducing the possibility of lung cancer. Practices like drinking plenty of water, limiting sugary drinks like soda and energy drinks, limiting saturated fats and processed foods, and opting for whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat bread, barley, and various fruits and vegetables can help prevent this disease. You will find the detailed diet below.

  • By Protecting Ourselves from Workplace Hazards: 

In industries where exposure to carcinogens is every day, the risk of lung cancer is highest. The first step of protecting would be knowing your workplace. Following the safety guidelines and protocols provided by your employer is a must. Handle chemicals and materials safely according to established procedures.

A diet that helps to decrease the risk of getting lung cancer:

A diet that contains nutrients and antioxidants positively impacts overall health and reduces the possibility of lung cancer. following a diet rich in nutrients and antioxidants can help to reduce risk of getting lung cancer. We have list some dietary recommendations.

  • Increasing the intake of curcumin:

A famous Indian spice used in everyday meals in every Indian household is turmeric, which contains curcumin, which is responsible for its intense yellow colour. Curcumin triggers specific cellular and molecular changes, increasing apoptosis, a self-destruction mechanism, in human lung cancer cell lines.

  • Eat a diet that contains Beta-Glucans:

Beta-glucans are naturally occurring carbohydrate structures that are rich in soluble fiber. Studies show that these can fight some types of cancers, including lung cancer. It passes the immune cells into the cancerous area and destroys the cancer cells.

  • Fruits and Vegetables: 

Increasing the intake of various fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of lung cancer some of are listed below.

1.  Pear (contains phloretin, which has anti-tumor activities),

2.  Berries (is known to inhibit tumor growth as it contains delphinidin)

3.  Red wine (it contains resveratrol, which is helpful in cancer treatments)

4.  Tomato (it contains Lycopene, which reduces cancer growth)

5.  Carrot (it contains chlorogenic acid, which disrupts the process of angiogenesis)

  • Protein-rich foods:

Protein plays the role of repairing the cells and tissues in the body. In lung cancer, it supports immune function, promotes tissue repairs, maintains muscle mass, supports wound healing, and enhances treatment tolerance. 

  • Some other food and beverages to take are as follows:

Below diets help to reduce the risks of lung cancer:

1.  Green tea

2.  Fiber-rich food

3.  Omega-3 fatty acids

4.  Salmon

5.  Ginger

6.  Capers

7.  Oysters

8.  Watercress

9.  Flaxseed

10.  Broccoli 

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In conclusion, To Reduce the chances of lung cancer you can take essential steps. The practice for this is to prevent smoking and stay away from people who smoke. Testing your home for radon gas is also an intelligent step. Protecting ourselves from carcinogenic gases and chemicals is a good way of preventing lung cancer. Eating healthy food can also help to lower the chances of lung cancer. Foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and hydration are essential. These actions can help you reduce the risk of lung cancer and stay healthier overall. Seeking guidance from healthcare professionals like Dr. Nikhil Mehta the renowned cancer doctor in Jaipur, individuals can effectively lower their chances of developing lung cancer and promote long-term health and well-being.

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